The World is Crazy

When I was younger I knew nothing but love, happiness and structure. Today I am faced with debt, drama, hate and other crazy things. For example, just last night I went out on a date with a guy that had an extremely odd Newcastle escort foot fetish. Back when I was just a child, I never would have thought someone could be so disgusting. Some times I am scared to have children because I do not want to bring them up in a world full of all this crazy stuff. Now when you bring your child some where you have to worry about them being kidnapped, verbally abused or having them witness a person doing drugs or committing a crime. To me that is just unacceptable. If and when I have children I will do my best to keep the innocent for as long as possible.

My Lucky Winning Ticket

I have been buying scratch off lottery tickets since I have been of age to buy them. Over the years, I have no clue on how much money that I have actually spent. Definitely, I know that it’s a lot! The only reason that I have been able to spend so much money is because I still live in my parent’s house. I can come and go as I please and have my own entrance, so I plan on staying until they give me the boot.

Two weeks ago, I was scratching off my ten dollar ticket in my car, and I amazingly finally won. The grand total that was given to me was ten thousand dollars, so I rented a hotel for a week. I called the local Bristol escorts agency and had plenty of fun daily. The agency was reasonably priced for the girls, and they were very attractive and friendly.

Bringing Sexy Legs Back!

When I became a Manchester escorts companion there were some things that I wanted to get fixed on my body that were pretty obvious. One of my main problems was that my spider veins were driving me nuts and I felt like my clients where always staring at them.

I made an appointment with my dermatologist and he started doing injections with a solution directly into my veins. After about 12 weeks they gradually started to disappear and my confidence was slowing coming back.

There was not any downtime for me and I was able to go about on my daily activities. The injection area appeared to be a little red and did hurt if I touched that area, the pain was gone in a day or two. I paid about $900.00 per treatment and it was well worth getting my self confidence back quickly!

Bringing Home The Guilt

I have never been the type to stray away from the nest but last night I just had enough of all the arguments and put downs coming towards me. After the second argument of the night I walked out the front door and headed to a friends house. They were on their way out to go on a date with London escorts when I showed up, but they quickly made changes. Instead of going out with their date, they took me out on the town for unlimited drinks. I really need that night out with him last night. I have been house bound and haven’t done anything fun in what seems like months. I think when I talk to my wife tonight I am going to lay some new rules down. Rules that will not allow her to trample over me every second of the day like she always does.

Toys For You

I have sold sex toys for over 15 years with a very reputable company. My sales are always booming and I get a ton of free products to try out. My second job is working as a Leeds escorts companion which I love and dedicate a lot of my time to. My bag of hundreds of sex toys are always a hit with my clients. They all have their own favorites that they like to use.

When I do private sessions I usually operate out of a high end hotel for the entire weekend. I have all of my toys and clients set up for back to back appointments. They always leave pleased, happy and always book another session with me before they even leave the hotel. This little business that I run has me making six figures yearly, I am hoping to retire by the time I am 40!

A Difficult Task

Being a single father is just about the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Since my wife travels a lot for her job, I am left with both kids for two to three weeks at a time. My daughter is 15 so she thinks she knows just about every thing, and my son is 2 and well, we all know what that age is about. Everyday when I get home from work, I get the usual crying fit from him and than the daily argument from my daughter about why she can’t go out for the night. I am at my breaking point right now because I have been working six days a week and juggling my children on top of it all. So this weekend my buddies and I have decided to call up Gatwick escorts and have a night to ourselves. If I don’t get out and do something soon, I do not think I will live much longer.

Our High Standards

The one thing my sister and I have always had in common is our taste in men. We do not just settle for anyone. We want a man that will give us respect and walk along beside us no matter what happens. Though many guys say they can do all that and more, we all know that is a lie. Since our taste in men is of a high standard, it is rare that either of us have a steady boyfriend. That is why this weekend I am going to have two men from Geneva escorts bring us out on a special date. There is honestly nothing better than being able to go out on a date knowing that there will be no strings attached. I have a feeling that both my sister and I will be taking this opportunity again in the near future.